All facials at Dong Ann are performed by experienced estheticians. Please let us know if you have specific concerns or needs and we can recommend the right service(s) for you.

  • Eternal Beauty Ritual: One of our most relaxing and luxurious facials, the Eternal Beauty Ritual facial will leave you feeling and looking gorgeous.


  • Privai Balancing: The botanically-infused Privai facial cleanses, exfoliates and soothes combination skin. The vitamin rich serums are uniquely formulated to stimulate collagen regeneration while a relaxing aroma restores your skin to reveal a healthy glow.


  • Anti- Aging: ‘Dong Ann’ translates to ‘Younger Skin’ and we enjoy helping our clients feel younger and look younger. We offer a specialized facial treatment using vitamin-rich formulas to activate new cell growth and restore elasticity, so you can have that youthful glow again – without the lines!


  • Deep Moisturizing Hydro Therapy: The most advanced skin care treatment that uses hydrogen to reduce the signs of aging. The unique hydrogen water-jet also treats unwanted dark spots and acne.


  • Traditional Korean Facial: An all in one treatment that will leave you feeling and looking like you’ve spent all day at the spa